Thursday, June 01, 2006

Goodbye, goodbye, good friends goodbye....

Well, hello and goodbye.

I started this blog as a way to let my family and friends back home know what I was doing in my mundane world in Germany, to let other expats moving abroad realize that it is possible to pack up a family and move to a strange country and to keep a little journal for my kids to read when they got older. But now I am sad as well as very HAPPY to say we are going home.

We have bought a house, we have found jobs (at least hubby has) and we are heading back to Canada.

For all those loyal readers out there, thanks mom and sis, you will be happy to know that I am a closer phone call away and now there is no need to blog.

You never know though, perhaps one day I will be back.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Skihalle in Neuss!

We had a great birthday weekend. Hubby and I, along with 5 "kids" hit the slopes on Saturday and spent the day skiing. The kids had fun, the parents had fun, all in all it was a hit.

But like I mentioned earlier it was indoors. Even though hubby stole my post this morning I will have to send you over to his blog to take a look at the pictures we was all fun just a little odd. You never really forgot that your were skiing indoors (the air resembling that of an arena) but we were able to enjoy ourselves.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

My son's 7th birthday

So we are going skiing. Not unusual for us. Not unusual for this time of year. It is what my son wants to do for his birthday party. He got to choose an array of activities including lot's of friends at a reptile zoo, lot's of friends at an indoor playground, lot's of friends at a local museum or one friend skiing. For a 6 year old soon to 7 year old is was a tough choice. Any of the first 3 choices garunteed lot's of presents since there would be lot's of kids but the last present, and he chose it.

So on Saturday (which is not really my son's birthday, but was a convinient day for the family to celebrate) we will all head to the skihill...oh wait I meant skihall. Yes! we are going to be skiing indoors. Kinda neat huh? It is open all year round, so if you feel a little crazy in July you can go skiing...or if is a little too warm in December you can go skiing... or whenever. Of course it is not huge but for a seven year old, his 6 year old friend and 4 year old sister it will be perfect and plus I doubt we could loose the kids even if we tried...this being very easy to do in the Alps.

So since being here in Germany, we have skiied the Alps, the little hills around our place and now indoors...the next stop the skihall in Dubai.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sunny days are here again

Today is by all means a beautiful day here in the middle of Germany. It is a clear, sunny day. This morning when I went out for my run is what a chilly -7oC but because of very little wind and a beautiful sun, I really didn't feel the cold. In fact it was a gorgeous morning and after my run I was on cloud 9 (running does that to me most of the time). I felt great, I was hungry, a little stinky (nothing a shower would not cure) and my kids were gone from the house.

Now it is the afternoon and it is still beautiful outside, nor warm just beautiful. So I did what anyother is my place would have done (or at least my cats). I sat down in sunny spot on the floor and fell asleep for an hour...wonderful (and yes baby was knapping). I used to do this as aa kid, find a sunny spot and let the drain all of energy right out until all I could do was pass out. Yes it is really hard to fight the groggies after that, but when do, these days helped with a bit of caffein, you fell great.

Looking at the weather forcast all week, it looks like there may be alot of runs and also alot of naps.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Costco vs. Ebay

I had an interesting, albeit short, conversation with my SIL yesterday. I was attempting to purchase a stroller for my baby (to replace my old running stroller that just got trashed after 7 years of use) using Ebay, not wanting to spend a fortune on a new one, and she was helping me. I am still a little hesitant using Ebay and always feel more comfortable with the help of my family. She mentioned that she had had a conversation with friends about Costco and Ebay.

My dear friend in Beeton, and my sister seem to always go to Costco, and not only for food. I have heard of bras, clothes, towels, bunk beds, swim gear, books, dvd' etc... being purchased and they both always seem to find great stuff at a great price. On the flip side, my SIL is in her words an Ebay addict. She also seems to find great deals on great things...her latest purchase a guitar for a $ for her son's b-day. She also is a flyer shopper, driving around finding the best price fro toilet paper and than stocking up. Is it possible that you either have to be an Ebay/flyer shopper or a Costco loyalist? I am sad to say I am neither.

Every time I go to Costco, which is a fun thing to do. I spend tons of money. Who can resist that 5L bottle of ketchup or the 24 pack of chocolate? It seems to be set up as a "See and buy", whether or not an item is on your list you end up leaving the store with much more.
While Ebay scares me. Yes I did buy a stroller and have purchased a few other things through my SIL, but you only get what you want. You can really browse and leave with things you didn't intend to buy...or can you? But I find the whole thing too chaotic. After the stroller purchase I thought why not look at inline skates for my kids (their Easter present this year)...and went to the site. With 817 models to choose from how can you possibly know what to get, especially if you can't see it...I gave up and bought two pair from a local store close to home.

I am also not a flyer shopper. I abhor Walmart in Canada (it always seems way too busy and way too....I don't know). I enjoy grocery shopping but only ONCE a week and would never spend my all too precious Saturday driving around trying to get the best price on orange juice. Sure if I see an item on sale at Loblaws or the German version REAL, I might pick up one or two extras but that's about it. I have no secret thrill saving a buck here or a buck there because I found that another store was selling an item dirt cheap. But yes when it comes to a bigger purchase I will usually put a bit more thought into where and what I but, but generally I end up in the same store or the same local shop where I would have gone to begin with.

So indeed, now that I think about it, I probably will never be as rich as my friend, save as much money as my sister or get the best deal like my SIL...oh well I am sure I have other fish to fry.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Hindsight is 20/20

Who knew? Who would have guessed? How come nobody told me? Were they keeping is a secret, all to themselves? If only I had known earlier...think of all the money I would have spent and all the luggage I could have left back home.

Yes Virginia there really is a webiste. I tried and failed to find this before, hoping, believing that it existed but yet was never able to find it till today. Thank you Kim H. over at Stepping Stones I will forever be grateful to you.

So now that I have found this little secret website of Canadian favorites online I had a chance to take a look at it. Almost everything that I have brought over in my suitcase (except for a few choice items) can be found on this site, from Tim Hortons' coffee to Clover Leaf canned tuna. From Magic Baking Powder to Kraft Peanut Butter. If I had known earlier I would not have forced my family and friends to lug over jugs of Maple Syrup for pancakes or Corn Syrup for butter tarts (they really don't know what they are over here!!! or in the States). But now I know where to get my Miss Vicki's chips if I ever crave them....Vegetable Thins for those oh so yummy snack buffets, Jos Louis' and Ah Caramels that melt in your mouth and stick to your fingers.

Yet when I look closely I am slightly dissapointed....but why oh why are there no Cheerios on the list? (Only as a mixed snack I see). And are Thrills, (scroll down a bit for this one, it was hard to find a link for anyone not knowing what these were) that soap tasting gum really a Canadian Favorite or just a gag you play on your friends and I never really thought Corn Pops were Canadian eh? But I am proud to see that they will deliver Shreddies and bagels and many President Choice stuff as well.

Long live Canada, and all the goods things it has to offer. I will have to keep this website a secret from my husband or he will never buy German coffee again...


Thursday, March 09, 2006

A new book

I have a problem. It has to do with books. I am sure it started as a chile but I can't pin point the exact date. It is, that when I start a book, I can't put it down. I mean I put it down when I drive the car, but it sits beside me on the passenger seat so that if I am lucky enough to hit a red light I might sneak in a few lines. When I am cookking supper and chopping vegetables it may "not be in my hands" but it is probably propped up beside me so that I that might cheat and get in a few more words. I don't take it with me when I rock the baby to sleep, but as soon as I know she is sound asleep, I grab it and continue through my journey.

Every Christmas my in-laws by my hubby and I a pile of books. They range from the top-seller list to the allround bizzarre. Last January I had my tonsils out and had a mandatory 7 day hospital stay and so I read. I think I read a total of nine books in 7 days (includind a whopper of a Harry Potter). I just can't put them down and so I am always reluctant to pick one up. Really. I fight the urge to start a book, pretending that I would not be interested, scared that it might ruin my present day job of wife and mother and so I often choose not to read. But I do. This year while shopping at Cosco with my sister I picked up 10 or so books...then I went to Chapter's and picked up a "few" more. And yes I have started reading them. Yesterday I read this it was a great read, a little slow through the middle and had me sobbing by the end. (Note: Only read if you have no children, no family and significant other).

I am now tempted to grab another from my pile, start it again this afternoon, perhaps be done it by tonight, but I feel I must give my family at least one day of attention be heading back to the sofa...


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Timmy's and more

I was in Canada for around 18 or 19 days. I loved it. I loved seeing my friends and family. I loved watching my children reclaim their birthright by playing in the snow. I loved the snow and the minus 22 degree weather. I loved the tricky driving and the chilly nights (freezing my ass off in both my best friend's house and my sister's...:)). I also loved the food. Sure we have food here, but we don't have tuna casserole. We don't have Swiss Chalet. We don't have Miss Vicki chips and Honey Nut Cheerios, and we certainly don't have Tim Hortons'. I think with the loyalty from my friend and the new found love of "hot chocolate with a splash of coffee" from my sister, I probaby hit Timmy's around 20 times.

For the first while I had my usual tea and bagel, then I switched to cookies, muffins (chocolate chip to be exact), then to doughnuts, mmmmm, maple dipped doughnuts. It was all so good and I never onced tired of eating there.

How can you go wrong with warm doughy goods and hot tea (or coffee for you coffee lovers) out of a convinient drive thru window on cold winter day. And what better to feed your jet-lagged kids on their way to a day of skiing on their second day in the country than apple juice and a bagel. I loved it. In fact if I am ever rich enough and have too much time on my hands I believe my dream job would be working the counter at Tim Hortons'. What better way to help fellow canadians start their day then handing them a cup of coffee. Nobody ever gets angry at a Tim Hortons' employee. People are always happy with their cup of coffee and even in a better mood when they have realized that they have indeeded "Rolled up the rim to win". And really how stressfull is it to make and serve coffee all day. (I am not in any way trying to belittle the loyal Tim Hortons's staff, I am sure that it can at times be stressful, especially those trying to make the perfect doughnuts or accomoday picky sandwhich (sp?) eaters, which I am of course one, with a tuna with SWISS cheese, no butter or tomato but lot's of lettuce.

Can't wait till I am back for more, but sad to say that while I was there, I did not "Roll up the rim to win:(


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday morning blog

Now that I am back and have a little more sleep, here goes blog number 2. Not that I have anything important or remotely interessting to say (or the ability to spell???)
My cat in sleeping half on my mouse and half on my keyboard which is making it difficult to do anything. They (the cats) seem to feel the need to show attention only when one in sitting at the computer desk and they only do it by squatting in front of the keyboard or lying on your hand holding the mouse...

Since coming home we have had 2 feet of snow fall from the heavens... which is rare for this area...and if I hear one more person complain I will scream and permantly move the the alps and ski all year long. (Is that even possible?)

My neighbour has decided to go on a diet, despite looking slimmer than me, and so my kaffee and kuchen days are over for a while, until I entice her with some homemade chocolate cake....which will have to come next week if she persists on bring over dried apple rings for our coffee breaks.

My baby is NOT napping right now which means I should go try her with another bottle or deal with the cranky baby later in the day.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Am back...

So today was the first day...I mean the first day back from our holidays starting the...real world again.
Last night I sent the kids to be early so that they would be prepared for school. After a ski excursion during the day, they all fell asleep on the way home, so by 9pm when I was ready to hit the bed they were all awake. I finally fall asleep around 10pm only to be woken by hubby coming to join me...I fell asleep again and was awoken by hubby chasing mad cats around the room. I then could not fall asleep for hubby's snoring and mad cats and so lied awake till midnight.

So to make this a short and sweet blog...I am bloggy well exhausted,


Friday, February 10, 2006

Fairwell, So long, Aufwiedersehen

Dear bloggy friends,

I am off to Canada tomorrow and will probably not have much time to blog. Fear not (and freak not out) I will be back in only a few short weeks.

Please do not ask me how the flight will have gone badly.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why I need to go

My neighbour invited me out to go shopping with her and mentioned that while we were in the store we should stop in and have a coffee and cake. No problem there so off we go.

We went to Mann Mobilia, which is kinda like an upgraged version of IKEA, a furniture superstore with a restaurant. So we get in line for coffee and cake and I realize that baby really didn't have much to eat for breakfast so I should get her something to. Off I go to the breakfast line and grab a plate of ham and cheese (general breakfast here) and go to pay. The lady at the cash tells me that no I must go see the breakfast lady first to determine what kinda breakie I am buying??? All I want is some ham for my baby! (She loves ham!) So the breakfast lady tells me that my plate of ham comes with juice. Fine Baby will drink the juice. It also comes with yogurt. No I didn't want the yogurt thank-you, baby will not eat it.

"But you MUST take it, it comes with the breakfast" she says.

"No, I don't want it", I reply. She puts it on my tray anyways...repeating...."but it comes WITH your plate of ham".

Fine I turn to go. "Wait, your meal comes with 2 buns", she says.

"I don't want the buns, baby will not eat the buns, neither will I", I say "because my friend is getting me a tea and a piece of cake".

"BUT, it COMES WITH your plate of HAM!!!!" she says, and tosses two buns on my plate.

I escape and head for the cash, just before she adds a glass cup (for the juice onto my plate) I didn't have the patience to explain that the juice was going into a sippy cup and the glass wasn't needed...I just took it and left.

At the cash, the girl asks me what kind of hot drink I wanted.
"No thank-you", I say, "this is fine".

"But your meal COMES WITH a hot drink"...

"My friend is already getting me a tea from the coffee bar" I say, " I don't really need one".

"But you MUST take one, coffee, tea or hot cocoa?"

"Give me the damn hot cocoa."

I pay and leave.

All together for baby and me, for our 10:30 mid-morning snack we had:

Hot Chocolate
Apple Juice
Caramel Apple cake
3 slices of ham
1 slice tomato
1 slice cucumber
1 piece lettuce
1 tbsp quark
1 package jam and butter
2 large buns
1 large bowl of yogurt with fruit

Probably enough food for my family...but it all CAME WITH My MEAl.

This is why I have to leave Germany.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ÉK's horse

Am I just an overly zealous parent or does my 4 year realy have some hidden artistic talent?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More useless stuff!

Come on know you want one...

If you ever wanted to know where the Easter Bunny spends his winter look here

You can play solo Yahtzee here...always fun when you are home alone.

And you can find more games here....

I tell you when my hubby is away....I sure know how to have fun:)


Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hubby is gone all weekend and upcoming's what I do when home alone...

Spell my name various ways using this site...

Though I could only get one letter on my blog page...

Practice my reflexes fastest...0.282 seconds

And do jigsaw puzzles here.

Have fun...


Friday, February 03, 2006

Puppy love

Isn't she cute?


Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am so popular

My blog is posted on somebody else's site...I did not have to bribe, beg or borrow for this to happen.
I am thrilled that this has happend, so why don't you go on over and say hello!

Not much else happening around here except that I am going home for a visit in NINE DAYS!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to be sitting in front of my computer, hiding from my 4 year old and 21 month, staring blindly at the screen saver in hopes that they don't fine you?

Is it wrong to eat cookies for breakfast and then go to McDonald's for lunch and have their latest burger which includes bacon, a hashbrown and is smothered in creamy sauce?

Is it wrong to hate 2 out of the 3 girls who work at the local photo shop because they wouldn't do passport pictures of three kids and mommy and have them done that day (so that said family can remain in their foreign country of choice)while the third said no can pick them up at five?

Is it wrong to crave chocolate after eating at McDonald's?

Is it wrong to encourage your children to watch T.V. for a moment's peace and not lock your front door at night?

Is it wrong to not let your 6(soon to be 7) year old watch Star Wars...even when be begs for it almost everyday?

Sometimes I think I am the only one whe lives by my set of rules...perhaps I am on the wrong planet?


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome Noëlle

No it is not Christmas again, but it could be for my sister.
Today she is getting her long awaited puppy...Noëlle. A little white fluff ball that is sure to torment her in the days...weeks to come.

I hope that she made her transition from puppy family to human family and we are all awaiting photos.

And hurray...we made it to 3000!


Monday, January 30, 2006

10, 9, 8,...

9 more and counting:)

Skiing again

So we went skiing again.
And yes we had a great time only it was a little too short for my liking...only 2 days of skiing.
The kids had a great time and my son learned what it was like to "take air" off a jump. He got up the courage to go down a ski jump that all the huge cool snowboarders were doing...and got about 2 feet of air but landed on the down side, on him bum and slide to the bottom till he one local put it..."That's your son? Cool man, boy does he have guts!" Since he didn't hurt himself he decided to try another jump...this one not so big or intimidating so he took it a little faster...but there was no down slop, only flat, hard ground. After reaching a height of about 4 feet in the air, he landed hard...real hard. After a few tears he managed to ski down the rest of the mountain before realizing that "Hey, that was pretty cool!"

AS well this time we stayed in a "kinder hotel", one that caters to kids and family. It was great... a huge playroom with supervision all day filled with arts and crafts and games and songs and dances (much to my son's dismay). They will take care of your kids...feed them lunch and supper and entertain them. Since ours ski, they only went at night before and after supper...while we ate later on...stress free.
It was a great long weekend...I hope we will do it again...soon.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

97 shy of three thousand

Ok away...let's try and make it to 3000 before Friday...:)


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A little of this, a little of that

Holy comments batman! I think I touched on a touchy subject yesterday.

I must say that I am grateful for my hubby. He does as much as he can around the house and spends more or less most of his free time taking care of the kids. Are levels of cleanliness are not the same, but hey, if he is willing to do most of the grunt work in the kitchen and all I have to do is add the finishing touches...why not?

This weekend we are heading back to the hills of Austria, to the same town, but not to the same hotel...our last one was booked. The new hotel is what they call a "kinder hotel", tons of activities to do within the hotel itself, playrooms well as free babysitting all day for kids over 2...under two you have to pay 27 euros a day. So we will go and ski and eat and hopefully have another hell of a good time on the slops.

Lastly of a varied topic blog. I ran today on the coldest day of the far. It was -8oC. My neighbour and warm weather only running partner saw me head off this am and almost call the hospital...she thought it would put me into cardiac arrest...go figure...she also heard that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep in shape you don't have to exercise 30 mins three-five times a week, only 10 mins of high aerobic activity will do it....My question is why sprint for 10 minutes when you can draw out the pain and suffering for over 2 hours during a half marathon?????


Monday, January 23, 2006

Complaints of a SAHM

I was wondering today....

Where is the fine line between being a SAHM and a housewife (I hate that term) and being a housekeeper/servant/doer of all tasks that the rest of the house is too lazy to complete.

I gorcery shop, drive my kids to school and back, take them to their various activities, do MOST of the laundry during the week, make sure that my kids (and hubby and self) get fed a mostly healthy dinner MOST nights of the week, I take care of an infant and make sure she is clean, healthy and fed, I take care of most of the daily household chores and spend alot of time picking up after everyone (yes hubby, including myself). But where is the fine line...where does it stop being SAHM and wife and start being....for lack of a better word servant.

Would you iron all of your husbands shirts? If he didn't have one to wear in the morning would you rush to get it ironed before work? Would you clean out HIS car because he had to take bussiness colleagues out to dinner later in the week? Would you insist on doing all the garbage, child bathing, reading and supper dishes because he spent the whole day at work..."working"? If he needed a cheque written...would you do, sign it and mail it?

These examples are not meant to offend, nor are they personal examples from my home (this is my disclaimer) but I can see on one hand, because I do stay at home, I have volunteered to take on the job of keeping house and raising children...but on the other hand...where does it stop? Where does self reliance and responibility step in?


p.s Really, these are not examples of my life but merely questions I was wondering about!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Thanks to Postcards!

Four jobs I’ve had
1. Working as a teller at CIBC
2. Selling friut at Cornell's Fruit and Veggie Market
3. Playleader with the Parks and Rec dept. of my home town
4. Teacher

Four movies I've could watch over and over
1. The Name of the Rose
2. Madagascar
3. The Man from Snowy River
4. Batman (all of them)

Four places I’ve lived
1. London, Ontario, Canada
2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
3. Chatham, Ontario, Canada
4. Ingelheim, Germany

Four TV shows I love
1. CSI
2. Sex in the City
3. Desperate Housewives
4. MTV's Pimp my Ride

Four places I've been on vacation
1. Olonne sur mer, France
2. Gashurn, Austria
3. Garmish, Germany
4. Venice, Italy
5. Sydney, Australia
6. Auckland, New Zealand
7. ...

Four blogs I visit daily
1. My Hubby's
2. My SIL's
3. My Brother's
4. My Mother's

Four Favorite Foods
1. Steak
2. Chocolate
3. Tea
4. Thai

Four places I'd rather be
1. Running
2. Skiing with my family in Austria
3. Beeton, Ontario
4. Snuggling in bed in the late morning with hubby

Four CDs I listened to most recently
Kids songs...lot's of kids songs...too many kids songs

Last four vehicles I’ve owned
1980 Toyota Tercel
1990 Toyota Camery
1999 Toyota Corolla
2005 Volkswagon Sharan

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Elections 2006

Nice to know that I am still a Liberal at heart!


Welcome to 33

So yesterday was my birhtday.

My husband having planned to be is some doghouse in the middle of Paris was not going to be around on my special day, so my 2 neighbours planned a girls night. It was great! Neighbour 1 brought quiche and homemade chocolate mousse (to die for) and neighbour 2 brought cucumber salad and artichoke dip (also to die for). We played Yahtzee and drank. My hubby's gift to me before he left (which helped into a nicer doghouse)was an electric ice crusher, a martini mixer (cocktail mixer) and 4 cocktail (martini style) glasses. I loved it! So last night we started the night out with some Cosmopolitans, followed by some blue fizzy drinks with Champagne, Tequilla Sunrises with dinner and a Sour Apple Martinilike drink...delicious.

My friends made a little gift bag for me of all the things I like; tea, chocolate and funky socks. We had a great time...

I went to bed around 11pm, looking forward to a sound night's sleep only to be woken up at midnight to my 6 year old screaming at the top of his lungs running upstairs as fast as he could. You see before he went to sleep he played with his alarm clock, setting it, by accident, to go off at midnight with the most possible loudest setting. He scared the shit out of both of us...thank God the girls didn't wake up (I don't know how they slept through all the wracket).

It was a great way to bring in a new year.

Thanks to all for the good wishes...and the phone calls... and the gifts.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January 18th...hey wait that's today!

January 18th....apparently alot happened today in history!

Happy birthday to me:)


p.s. Thanks to this site

336 - Saint Mark elected Catholic Pope.
350 - General Magnentius deposes Roman Emperor Constans, proclaims himself Emperor.
474 - Leo II briefly becomes Byzantine emperor
532 - Nika riots in Constantinople fail.
1307 - German king Albrecht I makes his son Rudolf king of Bohemia.
1479 - Louis IX, the Rich, duke of Bayern (U of Ingolstadt), dies at 61.
1486 - King Henry VII of England marries Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV.
1520 - King Christian II of Denmark and Norway defeats the Swedes at Lake Asunde.
1535 - Lima, Peru founded by Francisco Pizarro.
1670 - Henry Morgan captures Panama.
1701 - Frederick I becomes King of Prussia.
1778 - James Cook is the first known European to discover the Hawaiian Islands, which he names the "Sandwich Islands".
1861 - Georgia joins the Confederacy.
1871 - Wilhelm I of Germany becomes the first German Emperor.
1884 - Dr William Price attempts to cremate the body of his infant son, Jesus Christ Price, setting a legal precedent for cremation in the UK.
1886 - Modern field hockey is born with the formation of The Hockey Association in England.
1896 - The X-ray machine is exhibited for the first time.
1911 - Eugene B. Ely lands on the deck of the USS Pennsylvania stationed in San Francisco harbor, marking the first time an aircraft landed on a ship
1915 - Japan issues the "Twenty-One Demands" to China in a bid to increase its power in east Asia.
1916 - A 611 gram chondrite type meteorite struck a house near the village of Baxter in Stone County, Missouri.
1919 - World War I: The Paris Peace Conference opens in Versailles, France.
1919 - Bentley Motors is founded.
1939 - Louis Armstrong records Jeepers Creepers.
1943 - World War II: Soviet officials announce they have broken the Wehrmacht's siege of Leningrad.
1943 - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: The first uprising of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.
1944 - The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City for the first time hosts a jazz concert; the performers are Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Artie Shaw, Roy Eldridge and Jack Teagarden.
1945 - Liberation of the Budapest ghetto by the Red Army
1958 - Willie O'Ree, the first African American National Hockey League player, make his NHL debut with the Boston Bruins.
1964 - Plans are revealed for the World Trade Center in New York City.
1964 - The Beatles appear on the Billboard magazine charts for the first time.
1967 - Albert DeSalvo, the "Boston Strangler," is convicted of numerous crimes and is sentenced to life in prison.
1975 - The Jeffersons debuts on CBS.
1977 - Scientists identify a previously unknown bacterium as the cause of the mysterious "legionnaire's disease."
1977 - Australia's worst rail disaster occurs at Granville, Sydney killing 83.
1978 - The European Court of Human Rights finds the United Kingdom government guilty of mistreating prisoners in Northern Ireland, but not guilty of torture.
1983 - The International Olympic Committee restores Jim Thorpe Olympic medals to his family.
1990 - Former preschool operators Raymond Buckey and his mother Peggy McMartin Buckey are acquitted in a Los Angeles, California court of 52 child molestation charges.
1990 - Washington, DC, Mayor Marion Barry is arrested for drug possession in an FBI sting.
1991 - Eastern Airlines shuts down after 62 years citing financial problems.
1993 - For the first time, Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is officially observed in all 50 United States states.
1995 - In southern France near Vallon-Pont-d'Arc a network of caves are discovered that contain paintings and engravings that are 17,000 to 20,000 years old.
1997 - In north west Rwanda, Hutu militia members kill 3 Spanish aid workers, 3 soldiers and seriously wound one other.
1997 - Boerge Ousland of Norway becomes the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided.
1998 - Lewinsky scandal: Matt Drudge breaks the Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky affair story on his website The Drudge Report.
2002 - A Canadian Pacific Railway train carrying anhydrous ammonia derails outside of Minot, North Dakota, killing one man and calling into question the maintenance of CP track and the policy of voice-tracking used by Clear Channel Communications.
2003 - Canberra firestorm, kills 4 and destroys 491 homes
2005 - A U.N. World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan begins

885 - Daigo, Emperor of Japan (d. 930)
1543 - Alfonso Ferrabosco (I), Italian composer (d. 1588)
1641 - François-Michel le Tellier, Marquis de Louvois, French war minister (d. 1691)
1672 - Antoine Houdar de la Motte, French writer (d. 1731)
1688 - Lionel Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d. 1765)
1689 - Montesquieu, French writer (d. 1755)
1779 - Peter Roget, British lexicographer (d. 1869)
1782 - Daniel Webster, American statesman (d. 1852)
1840 - Henry Austin Dobson, English poet (d. 1921)
1842 - Albert Alonzo Ames, Mayor of Minneapolis (d. 1911)
1848 - Ioan Slavici, Transylvanian writer (d. 1925)
1849 - Edmund Barton, first Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1920)
1850 - Seth Low, American politician (d. 1916)
1854 - Thomas Watson, American telephone pioneer (d. 1934)
1882 - A. A. Milne, English author (d. 1956)
1888 - Thomas Sopwith, British aviation pioneer (d. 1989)
1892 - Oliver Hardy, American comedian and actor (d. 1957)
1892 - Paul Rostock, German surgeon (d. 1956)
1898 - George Dawson (author)
1904 - Cary Grant, English actor (d. 1986)
1905 - Joseph Bonanno, Italian-born gangster (d. 2002)
1908 - Jacob Bronowski, Polish-born mathematician, poet, and physicist (d. 1974)
1913 - Danny Kaye, American actor (d. 1987)
1914 - Arno Schmidt, German author (d. 1979)
1914 - William Stafford, American poet (d. 1993)
1922 - Bob Bell, American clown (d. 1997)
1931 - Chun Doo-hwan, President of South Korea
1932 - Robert Anton Wilson, American author
1933 - John Boorman, Irish film director
1934 - Raymond Briggs, English writer and illustrator
1937 - John Hume, Northern Irish politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998
1938 - Curt Flood, baseball player (d. 1997)
1941 - David Ruffin, American singer (d. 1991)
1941 - Doodles Weaver, Amnerican singer
1943 - Kay Granger, American politician
1944 - Paul Keating, twenty-fourth Prime Minister of Australia
1946 - Joseph Deiss, Swiss Federal Councilor
1947 - Takeshi Kitano, Japanese actor and director
1949 - Philippe Starck, French designer
1950 - Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian race car driver (d. 1982)
1952 - R. Stevie Moore, American singer, songwriter, and home recording pioneer
1953 - Brett Hudson, American actor
1955 - Kevin Costner, American actor
1956 - Sharon Mitchell, American actress
1956 - Tom Bailey, British singer (Thompson Twins)
1961 - Mark Messier, Canadian hockey player
1962 - Jeff Yagher, American actor
1963 - Otto Mann, fictional bus driver from The Simpsons
1964 - Jane Horrocks, British actress
1965 - Dave Attell, American writer and comedian
1966 - David Bautista, American professional wrestler
1967 - Kim Perrot, American basketball player (d. 1999)
1969 - Jesse L. Martin, American actor
1970 - DJ Quik, American rapper
1971 - Jonathan Davis, American musician (KoЯn)
1971 - Christian Fittipaldi, Brazilian race car driver
1972 - Mike Lieberthal, baseball player
1973 - Crispian Mills, British musician (The Jeevas and Kula Shaker)
1974 - Michael Tunn, Australian television and radio
1979 - Paulo Ferreira, Portuguese footballer
1979 - Jay Chou, Taiwanese singer and producer
1980 - Julius Peppers, American football player
1982 - Quinn Allman, American musician (The Used)
1983 - Samantha Mumba, Irish singer and actress

52 BC - Publius Clodius Pulcher (murdered)
474 - Leo I, Byzantine Emperor (b. 401)
1367 - King Peter I of Portugal (b. 1320)
1425 - Edmund de Mortimer, 5th Earl of March, English politician (b. 1391)
1471 - Emperor Go-Hanazono of Japan (b. 1419)
1547 - Pietro Bembo, Italian Catholic cardinal (b. 1470)
1583 - Margaret of Austria, regent of the Netherlands (b. 1522)
1677 - Jan van Riebeeck, Dutch merchant (b. 1619)
1862 - John Tyler, President of the United States (b. 1790)
1873 - Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, English author (b. 1803)
1878 - Antoine César Becquerel, French physicist (b. 1788)
1927 - Empress Carlotta of Mexico (b. 1840)
1936 - Rudyard Kipling, British writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1865)
1940 - Kazimierz Tetmajer, Polish writer (b. 1865)
1952 - Curly Howard, American actor and comedian (b. 1903)
1954 - Sydney Greenstreet, English actor (b. 1879)
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1967 - Goose Tatum, American basketball player
1969 - Hans Freyer, German sociologist (b. 1887)
1970 - David O. McKay, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (b. 1873)
1980 - Sir Cecil Beaton, English fashion designer (b. 1904)
1984 - Vassilis Tsitsanis, Greek singer and songwriter (b. 1915)
1985 - Wilfrid Brambell, Irish actor (b. 1912)
1995 - Adolf Butenandt, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1903)
1995 - Ron Luciano, baseball umpire (b. 1937)
1997 - Paul Tsongas, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (b. 1941)
2000 - Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, Austrian architect (b. 1897)
2001 - Laurent-Désiré Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (b. 1939)
2001 - Al Waxman, Canadian actor (b. 1935)
2003 - Edward "The Sheik" Farhat, American professional wrestler (b. 1924)
2005 - Lamont Bentley, American actor (b. 1973)

Holidays and observances
Christian ecumenism - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins

Happy day with MIL

Hello long lost bloggy friends,

Yes I am still here.

My MIL was here over the weekend and left today. Our guest room is also the office (with computer) and so makes it difficult to break in o and blog.

I am always grateful when we have visitors. It breaks up the monotony of the daily routine and when it is a doting grandparent, all the better. Nothing is better than seeing your children happy, well-fed, tucked in bed with a story every night, teeth brushed, hair washed, clothes laid out for school the next night...and all done by someone else. Tomorrow will be a harsh reality since both Nana and Daddy are gone...ouch!

During the last couple of days I have been able to run, do laundry (baby free) and not worry too much about anything...since my MIL feels the need to help out ALOT when she is around...I love it!

I was also able to read a book...

I can't wait till someone else comes...any takers?


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thanks to Y...again

I took this test 3 times and always got the same results.
I only wish I knew this movie :)



Post holiday blues

I have been thinking for the last couple of days on what to blog about. I haven't really come up with much. Actually nothing comes to mind.

It is January and I have the post holiday blues. I am grateful (REALLY GRATEFUL) that my kids are back in school and mostly over their colds. I am happy that my day-to-day routine of cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping is now back to being priority number one. But still part of me still wishes I was skiing down the Alps or sitting down for an awesome 7 course meal...that I don't have to cook or clean up after.

My birthday is also coming up. Yup, another year older...not much to celebrate there..and the fact that hubby is missing my birthday again and our soon to come 7 year anniversary...I can't say that I am in much of a partying mood. Actually I am not!

What I am looking forward a trip home in Febuary to visit family and friends. Having my mom cook me a yummy meal and spoil my children so that I don't have to (cough, cough!!)
I am looking forward to seeing my siblings and their offspring. Spending time with an lod friend and watching our kids catch up and take off from where they last left. I am looking forward to a Tim Horton's bagel and tea....and hopefully lot's of snow.

So now all I have to do is get over these post holiday blues, get on with my dreary but rewarding life and start looking forward to my next holidays.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Another post holiday day!

The weather here is a little sad for January 6th.
Where is the snow? The cold? The sun????

I believe it was a cloudy 2-3oC here, no snow to be seen, no cold, just grey, dark skies....

Man I wish I was skiing.


p.s. Baby is still really, really, really sick....and crabby too!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A few pics from the holidays

I broke my general rule of not showing pics of kids on my blog site...but I figured noone would recognize them anyway:)



Post ski holiday

I am home today with 3 sick and feverish children with tempertures ranging from 103-104 oF.

Sounds like fun.

My hubby is on a work rampage, even though he had PLANNED TO TAKE THIS WEEK OFF!!!!!, getting up in the wees hours of the morning to rush out the door by 7am.

I am suffering from cabin fever....and haven't run in almost TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!

Boy I can't wait until school starts again.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ski holiday

There is something to be said about skiing in Austria. A friend once told me that skiiing in France is all about the hill, skiing and nothing more. Any hotel is as good as the next, very similar to Canadian hotels I imagine. Skiing in Switzerland is difficult because of well...the Swiss. A Swiss skiier told me that the Swiss were all a little to snobby and that he prefered Austria, also I believe it is a little cheaper.

Austria is great. Beautiful mountains. Small quaint towns. And the hotel we stayed in was perfect. Not only was it close to the hill, the service was excellent and the food better. When they say "A home away from home", it really does feel that way.

Dining was great. Every morning at 7:30 we headed downstairs to a huge buffet breakfast (European style). Lot's to eat, and fun for the kids. The afternoon there was a open tea bar and snacks to go with it. And at night, always at the same table, we were greeted with a 5 course meal, except for Christmas and New Years were it was eight.

The skiing was perfect, the weather was great and the beds super comfy.

We had a great time, something I hope to be able to do again.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thanks to Y

Your IQ Is 105

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average

Your General Knowledge is Average

Monday, December 19, 2005

A second chance

What would you do with your life if you were given a second chance? How would you relive it? What would you do that would be different? What would take priority in your life and how would you make it so?

Not everyone gets this chance. A chance to reevaluate and see life from a different vantage point. And not many would want to. We try and live our lives to the fullist, making what we think are the best choices, but if you could, would you want to know if they were really the best or rather not in case you just plain screwed up.

I would like to think that I would, if given a second chance, spend more time with my family, have more patience for other people, perhaps sell a dream house and move closer to one of my children to lend a helping hand when needed. Maybe I would travel more, see more of countries and of places then I ever thought I wanted to, talk more to people I loved on the phone, spend more time doing activities that made me happy, eat more chocolate and regret it less....I don't know what I would actually do if given a second chance at life....maybe I would try and live it more like my mother's.

Happy December 19th


A rainy day

I was saving this blog for a rainy day.
Here is my pre-Christmas grocery list/receipt. It was what I bought this morning to last the week before Christmas, Christmas dinner and a bit to save over until we get back from our ski vacation.

Sliced ham
Yellow pepper
2 Red peppers
2 x 1.5 litres whole milk (3.8 %)
3 x 1.5 regular milk (1.8%)
Yogurt drink (pack of 4(with live bacteria))
4 little raspberry yogurts
3 x half pound butter
2 x Miniwheats
2 x Musli cereal
2 x (8) Little boxes of sweet, junky cereal (for the kids from Santa)
Vanilla sugar
Vanilla butter flavour
2 x Chocolate Christmas balls (teacher's gifts)
1 x 6 bottles of water (ski trip)
9 x multiple 3 packs of juice boxes (ski trip)
Kitty Litter
Size 5 diapers
Baby wash soap
3 x Children's shampoo (I think my kids eat it)
Soothers (from Santa)
5 x Dove soap bars (Needes for leg shaving)
3 x Oral B toothbrushes (from Santa)
2 x Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
1 x box of Kleenex (here called Tempo)
Brie Cheese
Philidelphia cream cheese
Puzzle (from Santa)
Toys (from Santa
Roast beef (Christmas dinner)
2 x ground beef
Chicken breasts
Cheddar cheese
Whole chicken
Scrabble cards (from Santa)
2 x chocolates
10 eggs (dropped by Joanna on the floor in the grocery store)

(Plus a few other things I can't read on the receipt)

For a total of 219.02 Euros (around 350.00 Canadian dollars)


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa confusions?

Even though this Christmas we are not going back to Canada, I am still very excited. You see, instead we have decided to stay here and spend a week skiing in the Austrian much fun. Already my children have pulled out their ski stuff, put it on and off a million times, and tramped around the house looking a bit like stuffed dolls.

The only problem is that we are leaving the 25th and returning the 1st. When will Santa come? In Canada Santa comes on the 25th, the children wake up EARLY and run downstairs to see what is under the tree. In Germany Santa comes on December 6th. Most Germans open up the rest of the gifts on the 24th, but how can Santa even manage to come on the 24th if we are in the house. Having him come on the 25th would be a bit chaotic since our friends with whom we are traveling with want to leave around 8am to avoid traffic. Originally I had thought to just get them up real early on the 25th, but then we run into a crazy, cranky tired baby for the car ride and she is not known to sleep in the car on trips. We could wake them up the 24th, after midnight, (probably around 9pm), but still cranky baby. So instead I think we will all head for Christmas mass (yes in German) around 3pm, Jon can walk with the kids to the church....I will stay behind to "take a shower" or “clean" or "cook" and will then drive to the church to meet them for 4pm. We will celebrate and then go home in hopes that Santa has arrived a little early this year...I mean there is a time change and all between here and Canada isn't there?


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A daily doss of bliss

Is it wrong to eat Christmas cookies for breakfast? Lunch? Snack? Dinner? (Or do you call it Supper?)

Is it wrong to eat chocolate (specifically a Lindt chocolate cream filled bell) while taking a shower? A really hot shower?

What about dreaming about chocolate cupcakes covered in white vanilla icing with crunched up candy canes on top?....(I think I need to do some baking.)

You see I am not benefitting from my mom's Christmas baking this year. Even though I have tried to step up to the plate, I have made (failed)Sugar cookies that turned out to be Shortbread that then burnt. Gingersnaps that arn't snappy. Peanut butter cookies to replace her peanut butter balls (they don't). And I am debating yet another cookie tonight....

While I am enjoying snacking on them, perhaps a little too much, it just isn't the my dear Beeton friend knows and can confirm, my mom makes awesome Christmas snacks, squares and cookies...I guess we will both be a little left out this year. And on that note perhaps I should try and change my eating habits for the month of December. No more chocolate in the shower, I will wait till I get out.


Monday, December 12, 2005

S.A.M I am or at least have become

While talking to my SIL yesterday I was telling her about my new teapot and mugs. I have wanted a nice teapot for a while...a least a couple of years but always had one or another on hand to use so never really put much thought into it. When I went shopping I would look but never buy not really finding anything I really liked.

You see I don't drink coffee. Only tea. I really like tea and having a nice teapot equals having a nice coffeemaker (kinda, I know one brews and one holds but still...)
Since moving to Germany, or perhaps since having another baby, my teapot situation had declined. Baby broke my tea BODUM (all glass) teapot early this year (only months after buying it) and has also broken the top off my 2-cup teapot. (This teapot is pretty old, I believe I bought it at Loblaws years ago so that I could serve my dad tea when he came over for afternoon goodies).

So the situation is that for a while I have not had a suitable large teapot to serve tea.

Back to the conversation with my SIL. I was telling her that I have been contemplating buying a teapot for awhile now, but only just purchased one this past week because I could never really find one I liked. On top of getting a nice teapot I also picked up some mugs that matched to go along with it...these were purely for hubby's pleasure because since being married he has complained endlessly about our "wedding mugs" claiming that he does not like their "shape".

My SIL comment was something like this (said in a nice, funny, ha-ha way) "Wow it sure is tough being a stay-at-home mom, when buying teapots is all consuming."

My God, I have become a S.A.M. Teapots have become obsessions, I do laundry ALL THE TIME, it irks me when shoes, coats, cups, papers, toys (actually everything) are out of place, I dread grocery shopping knowing that in less than a week I will have to do it all over again. I have multiple schedules to follow and a calendar that is packed with items such as: play date on Tuesday, dentist appt for the family on Tuesday, pictures with baby on Tuesday, run on Tuesday, coffee with the girls on Tuesday...shit I have way too much stuff for Tuesday!

I love work and actually can't wait to get back in the classroom, but for now I guess I can accept that, yes indeed I have become a S.A.M.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

To wrap or not to wrap?

In our house growing up Santa used to always bring the cool gift (that is until Santa lost his magic). It was usually saved until last and we all got to unwrap our gift with great anticipation. Key word here is "unwrap". Last year when I spent some time with my good friend before Christmas it became known to me that Santa's gifts are not wrapped in her house!!! I was shocked, it challenged all of my information about Santa and his gifts. How could they be wrapped at my house and on display in hers. As well, gifts in her stockings were also bare. She would set up Santa's gifts, ie: take them out of their packaging and make sure all was in working order and then display them so that they were easy to play with AS SOON AS THE KIDS WOKE UP.

Last year I still wrapped my Santa's gifts.

This year upon talking with my American neighbour she as well confessed that Santa's gifts in her house were not wrapped, nor were the stockings. Reasons of having to use less paper, to the fact that Santa's gifts are "made" and not bought so they should not be in packaging, to the excitment of seeing her kids see and play with their "special" toy first thing, and so forth.

It kinda made sense, it has taken me 2 years to see reason with this. I have not decided yet fully what I will do this year, but I am leaning with leaving the gifts and stockings unwrapped (trying to be a little eco friendly perhaps).

But what I want to know is WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR HOUSE?????


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Cat!

Check this out...just scroll down till you see the famous Christmas Cat.


It's my turn, it's my turn

Today was my turn with the advent calendar bags. I got chocolate from my oldest daughter. Not just any chocolate, Neuhaus Chocolate, which I believe is the best chocolate coming out of Belgium,mmmmm. It is good, real good. I know this because on the one trip my hubby took to Belgium he brought me back two kilos of it (just over four pounds) whick I ate in only a few days.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

For my sis'

Here is what we are doing for advent this year. Advent is a huge deal in Germany. One must have of course a variety of calendars...we have three! One must have an advent wreath...we have one, which on the first day I brought it home my husband unknowingly lit all four candles. One must have made all their Christmas cookies before the first Sunday of Advent so that when guests arrive they have something other than cake to serve. And of course there are the Christmas markets to go to every weekend where you can drink hot spiced wine, mmmmm, and eat lot's of not good for you goodies such as potato pancakes and applesauce or deep fried apple fritters or fudge or beer nuts of all varieties or....

Anyhow my first advent calendar is a Lego one, the second is a Kinder Egg one and the third is home goes something like this.

There are 24 days to Advent. Each family member (there are 5 of us) gets four bags. They have to make of buy something special for each member of the family (not themselves) and put it in the bag. Five family members times 4 bags equals 20 bags. There are 4 bags left over which are FAMILY BAGS. These are filled with something special that the whole family can do. For us they include a Fisher Price Nativity Scene with the Little People, A large puzzle with a carpet you can wrap it in if you are not finished, the Polar Express DVD given to me by my sister, and a family night out...where we all agree on where to go (this has not happened yet but I am expecting McDonalds and something the kids consider "FUN", perhaps an indoor playground or something).

In the rest of the bags there are little toys, coffee for hubby, and a baby doll for the baby...that type of thing. The kids love it and are more excited about that even when they don't get a gift then they are the other calendars...They like the surprise of not knowing and the idea of giving something special. The bags are hung up on our banister and go the whole length on the first and second floors of our house.

Here are a few pics to help you get the idea sis'.


p.s. Today is also St. Nicholas's day....The real Christmas. Kids put their shoes outside (boots if they are smart like my middle daughter...she wanted more stuff) and the big guy comes around with his donkey and fills them with Chocolate and toys.!!!

p.p.s. Can you find the Christmas Cat??!!!


Monday, December 05, 2005

Is is me?

I wonder sometimes if it is me. Am I just more tolerant than most others? Is it the way I was brought up? My parents lessons on not treating all equally? Or is it that I am Canadian and because I see multiculturalism everywhere it has just become part of my life.

While working in the Public school system in Canada, I realized how diverse our school was during my first month of December there. We celebrated among others Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan and Three Kings Day. I learned a lot that year and the years to come....Christmas was not the only special day in December.

Or perhaps it was the fact that as a teenager I was able to go on an exchange to France and meet people and a culture I would otherwise never have a chance to do. As well as in my high school I was introduced to students from France, Germany, Spain and Turkey...they all seemed a lot like me.

It doesn't bother me when I see people, mostly women wearing headscarves or a hijab. I am always a little curious about why, I wonder how they keep cool on hot summer days and what they do when they get they take it off with relief like I do my coat and shoes, or is it so much apart of their lives that they don't even realize it is on. It doesn't even bother me when all I see are eyes. To me it is part of living in a diverse world and for all I know people probably wonder about my dress code and behaviour more often than not.

I can understand in special circumstances where allowances must be made. No one, me included would want a covered stranger or parent walking through my child's school, but kudos to the parents and staff who have come up with an idea of signing it at the office and wearing a bracelet to identify themselves.

Here is Germany it is not the same. I often hear jokes about Turks. It bothers a lot of people that they will wear a headscarf in public stating that if they live in a Western country they should wear Western clothes. Many Turks have very little to do with the German world around them, yet I also have Turkish friends who are married to Germans and you would never know their origins. It is funny though how my friend hesitated to tell me she was from Turkey, probably wondering what my reaction would was...really are your kids bilingual? Great.

I have a hard time dealing with people who are biased or prejudice, even when they turn out to be friends, mostly I just keep my mouth shut or if I feel really strongly I will throw in the odd comment of "Really? No it doesn't bother me, I actually do believe in Gay marriage!"

Is it me?


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Shopping

I went Christmas shopping today. Toys R Us. Spent enough money to get 3 MVP players for free!!!

I thought I stayed here to avoid all the presents this year.
By the time Santa gives a gift...parents give a gift...each silbing gives a gift....grandparents from overseas ask you to give a gift...grandparents who mail and bring giftS, give the giftS....there are a shit load of GIFTS!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Over two thousand customers to date (almost)...keep it coming.

Off to the dentist

I went to the dentist today. I have to admit that I was a little concerned before going. I have been having problems with my jaw and as I had predicted it was a little infected and inflamed. Nothing that a little painkiller and anti-inflammatory won't clear up.

But nonetheless I was concerned. Germans being German and all I assumed that going to a dentist here would be rather "painful". Not in the pain way, but more like being dictated all the benefits in dental hygiene, how to better brush my teeth and that I should floss not once a day but at least three times.....And why don't I have a water pick???

But all in all it was nice. Really nice. The office looked like any dentist office in Canada. All the various tools were identical to what I am used to seeing. My dentist was really nice and spoke perfect English. The only hook was that I forgot my health card at home. This really threw them off. They had no idea what to do with me, how to give me a script or how to charge my insurance company. As my dentist was trying to figure this all out she said "Things in Germany are always too complicated".

I almost choked and asked if she was German. She was but had lived in the Stated for a while. Her only comment on that was "That you had to be rich to enjoy living in the States. I was not, so I came home!"

Go figure!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pictures of home

Here are a few pictures of my old new one is not much bigger. I am posting these for the benefit of my sister who will be coming for a visit...just thought she might be interested in the smallness of Germany.

And here is a picture of my new house...just fininishing the build....The neighbours call it the "Doghouse".


Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving. We were a little late, actually a lot late, but it was the only weekend that my two neighbours and I could get together. And it happened to fall on the American version of the holiday which suited my American neighbour just fine.

We ate and ate and ate and had a great time.

Here's what we ate:
Turkey with stuffing
Knodel (2 versions) (German potato balls)
Glazed carrots
Spinach casserole
Sweet potato pie
Red cabbage
Devils eggs

Followed by:

Chocolate cake
Cherry streusel pie
Pumpkin pie

Everything was delicious. I gained 2 pounds. And will be eating left overs for another couple of days.

Happy Thanksgiving


Friday, November 25, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Today we got our first snow. Probably our only snow for the year. It was beautiful and white. It made all the tree branches hang low to the ground, heavy with their burden. The roads were icy and slick and difficult to drive on, we were all a little late. Running was a little tricky, but the packed snow made for a soft foot. All in all I was homesick. I mean really homesick. Tears and cries of "Let's just go home now!!!" to my husband, which he in turn handled very well. Thoughts of how am I going to explain this to my boss popped into his mind.

You see I love winter...Canadian winter that is. Where else can you strap on a pair of skates and skate to your classes down the Rideau canal. Or head out tobogganing across the street at "the big hill". Get in trouble over and over and over again throwing snowballs or making a huge fort, big enough for all your friends and snacks, where you can make plans to stay outside all winter. I can't forget skating and playing hockey on a pond or lake. Skiing and sledding. I love winter.

The cold somehow makes me feel stronger, like I am invincible. Running in the winter is more enjoyable to me than the hot summer and when I get back chocolate makes all the cold go away.

Yes of course it can get really cold. And yes by March I am usually sick of all the white turned grey. But there is something magical about a first snowfall, wondering where it all comes from. Tossing you first snowball or making a snowman, carrot nose and all. And what is Christmas Eve without snow falling and waking up Christmas morning with the world turned a perfect white, if only for a minute.

I love winter. I mean I don't even mind the occasional snow shovel to get to work and when school is cancelled due to a storm...who is happier the kids or the teachers.

Today is probably the first time I have been homesick since I left. I was so happy to see the snow and so sad to know that chances are it will be the last all season. Time to book some flights home.


P.S. thanks to the wonderful friend who called "out of the blue" to cheer me up today...keep the SA race in mind...perhaps 2010?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sleeping in

Today was the day we were all supposed to sleep in. This morning was when I would say "screw it" and let my children show up late for school. You see my daughter is in this ballet and they have had dress rehersals all week. Her normal bedtime, which is 6pm during the week, has been pushed back to 8-8:30. She is tired, I am tired, her baby sister is tired from being dragged all over the place and to the ballet late at night. Her brother, not tired enough but oh well...we work on him over the weekend. But today we were going to sleep in.

Baby woke up at 5:45...we rushed to give her a bottle in hopes she would fall back alseep allowing me perhaps another 30 mins worked. So instead of crawling out of bed at 6:30 this am....I stayed in bed until 6:50.....yeah for extra sleep.

After my shower, I got dressed and headed downstairs to my son and hubby eating breakfast. He asks as I am almost downstairs..."Honey do you know what time it is?"

"Yes, just past 7am"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah why....oh shit....why the hell are we all up now??????"

It was actually 6am....someone changed our alarm clock and I will blame baby for this one. So my one morning of being a lousy mom, letting my children sleep in was snapped away from me in a second....perhaps we will all sleep in tommorrow, but as all mothers and fathers know...Saturday we will all be up bright and early again.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

At home in the city

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

I have never really called myself a city girl, but when I went to Venice....I fell in love. Perhaps a little trip to Rome is in need, hint hint.
This little quiz linked me up with Rome...I guess the Italien men and the wine won me over so I guess this is where I belong. I got to this site through my friend over at Postcards. It's cute you should try it.


P.S. To hubby...Rome not Paris

Monday, November 21, 2005

Friday night out

For those that are waiting to hear the news...there is no cat pee, no more accidents(knock on wood) and no more smells to clean up...hooray!!!!

Anyways on to more serious stuff. I have a neighbour. He is an odd, single, older man. He was onced married but his wife ran away about a few years ago...rumor has it. He seems nice, has good taste in music but all in all, my husband and I have nothing in common with him...NOTHING!

Well he has cornered me and invited my husband and I THREE times over for dinner. Twice I had an excuse...the third no luck. His offer includes, half a pig, some beer and listen to his CD collection. I am not trying to be a snob, nor do I think that I am better than he, but when I have a night with my hubby without kids, all I really want to do is crash on the sofa...not eat half a pig.

The date is set for this Friday....I will let all waiting in anticipation know how the evening went.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Cat pee take 2

I don't think I have recieved as many comments as I did two days ago when I asked for help in the cat piss department. I am glad that family and friends have come together to join forces to combat this evil in my house.

The cats have still not pissed or should I say pee. I keep all the bedroom doors closed during the day. I have added a second litter box in the basement. I have moved their food further from said litter boxes. At night I cover my sofas with tin foil and plastic table cloths. I cleaned my sofa with baking soda..(it still smells a bit like pee, I am awaiting a shipment of pee cleaner from my mom.) When I leave the house the cats are either locked in the basement or tossed outside....
And so far all of this has worked.

Is it worth it? Ask me in a few years when my kids are grown and out of the house...or the next time the cats piss.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ode to Joy

I am sitting here listening to my son play "Ode to Joy" on the piano, my daughter scream in her room (because she is not playing the piano and is tired) and my baby bang on a xylophone downstairs... and it has been 48 hours without piss.

Could this be the end to it all? Have I trained my cats or should I say punish them sufficiently? Will they only use the Canadian imported litter (yes I bought the canadian version in hopes my cats will be loyal to their adopted homeland)?

I promise next week I will have more interesting things to blog about then cat piss!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


My cats are pissing EVERYWHERE....Any suggestions?


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It truly is a small world

I wrote earlier how small the world really is. How people halfway around the world 10 years ago have now become part of my daily life. Well the world just got smaller again.

My in-laws have lived in Africa on and off for the last 20 years or so. During their time in Botswana they have had the same housekeeper with every time. She has in some ways become an extended part of their family. My in-laws have helped her support her children and I in turn will send clothes and candy her way whenever I can. In fact all of my left over Halloween candy is now somewhere in Botswana, hopefully being devoured by greedy little children.

I just found out from my husband, that when his father returned to Botswana he found his housekeeper in the hospital diagnosed with T.B. and positive for H.I.V. Of course she knew what her risks I am sure my MIL told her many times. We all know that AIDS in Africa is an epidemic, a wild fire that has not yet been controlled. I am aware that there are thousand if not millions of children who have been orphaned due to this disease. My MIL volunteers in daycares and works closely with these children....and often tells me stories about them
Yet this all seemed so far away, not part of my life or immediate concern, until today.

I can't help thinking about this poor woman, who I am sure knows what lies in store for her and her children. (Her sister died of AIDS earlier this year.) I can't help being thankful for my life and situation, having been born in a first world country as opposed to a third. How is it possible that a woman I have never known and will probably never meet has had such an impact on my life?

And how now, suddenly my world has just been made smaller again.


Monday, November 14, 2005

I am computer living colour

Is it possible, have I really added pictures to my blog?
If so then here are a few shots of our trip to Venice.

Where else would you find laundry hanging above one of the best seafood restaurants in town. If you go to Venice, look this place up.

Of course the we didn't try it...a little too touristy for my taste...but fun to watch.

Finally the Basilica Di San Marco at night...a stunning place to go and visit.

This last one is for my has nothing to do with Venice, but what we ate on Halloween.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The gift of chocolate

Can chocolate be the bond that brings together mother-in-law and daughter?
Could it be that my week spent with my inlaws was shined upon from the Gods today as my mother-in-law and I walked out way around a shopping district to find solice in some delicious Belgiim truffles?
Could this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship?

I sit and wonder, ponder this, while eating truffles.

Next year I will surely stock up before hand:)


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is happiness only a day away?

I have three wonderful children. I love them all in different ways and give to them different things at different times. Sometimes this is easy to explain to them “The baby gets a new toilet seat because she is learning to potty train." And sometimes not so easy "Your sister got to go out to McDonalds today without you because; well we were doing something special. Next time we will do something special together”. I try to give them what they need not what they expect they think they need...this may include a Game boy for my 6 year old son at Christmas. His letter to Santa this year reads something like this: "Dear Santa, I would like a Game boy, I love you, Me!" How can I disappoint a 6 year old when he has only one wish from the big man himself?

Anyways I went off topic what I really wanted to blog about today was what I want for my kids...long term, my expectations. When our son was born we always joked that he would NOT attend university but rather chef's school because we would never be able to pay for HIGHER education at it's rising costs. My hubby did something like 26 or 27 years of formal education and has a few degrees to go along with his name and yet he would probably never push university on our children...I would. But if they didn't go....? Would they be happy? If my son at the age of 16 announced he was gay...would his life slowly go downhill and happiness out the window? Would we be disappointed? Would family and friends? (Probably not) If he ended up with a mid range paying job...but loved it, would that be okay...or does happiness mean a high paying job with lot's of extras and lot's of travel? Does success equal happiness? Are highly educated people happier than those who aren’t?

I would like to believe that I am raising my son, my children to be independent thinkers. To enjoy life around them and strive at the things they like. If university is not the answer they are looking for but rather attempting life as an artist...or carpenter...or travel guide is this somehow wrong and should I be disappointed? I guess I never really worry about how their success is measured around them. Yes I am happy when they pass their swimming level and go out and celebrate this with them...but I am even more ecstatic when my son came in dead last in his triathlon this year...finishing even when he didn't want to, when he thought he couldn' me that was one of his most brilliant moments. My son finds math easy...really easy, he is 6 and probably does math close to a 9 or 10 year old level. It is never something I pushed or push now but for him it all comes easy. My daughter is a born athlete...every sport she has ever attempted in her short life she has loved and been good at...Is one child more successful than the other?

This blog is a reflection of a conversation I had with my SIL...I think she is an amazing person and am often jealous of how easy she seems to run her life...She is forever giving and will almost always put others needs (even those of people she has just met) above and beyond her own. She is the mother to 3 of my most awesome nephews and I awe at how easy she handles them all. We both want the same for our children...for them to grow up and be happy and successful in their own ways...and I can't believe how hard this is to every single action as a parent I question and wonder if this is the right thing...I only hope that it is, and that my children, however they grow up, are as happy as I am right now.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Seafood, pigeons and basilicas

I have been lucky enough to have visited a few major centres in Europe. I have been to Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Remich (not really a major centre, but really nice), Barcelona, and now Venice. Until this weekend Barcelona was by far my favorite. Not only is it beautiful, it has amazing architecture and restaurants and it is built for pedestrians. But then came Venice. I know it is a cliché to love this city but...what is there not to love. Okay, maybe the super cost, the tourists and the pigeons, but if you can over come these it is has got to be one of the most amazing cities in the world.

From having to take a water taxi from the airport, to staying in a small but quaint hotel footsteps from the Basilica, Basilica di San Marco, to never once seeing a car, to streets that are usually no wider than a metre (3 feet), to the most amazing restaurants that I have ever been to, to Italians who were never once rude or snobbish or over bearing, to the shops (I made my husband walk by and enter many more times than once the Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton stores).... It just never really ends.

The pasta is amazing, the pizza better than I have ever had, the wine unforgettable but the seafood....oh the seafood. If you love seafood and not only fish, then this is the place to come and don't hold back. My husband and I lucked out and got a reservation at Al Covo, where the chef picks up his food fresh every morning from the market and organizes his menu so. He offers a 5 and 8 course tasting menu (we opted for the eight) it is was unbelievable.

My sister-in-law asked about visiting Paris this spring...I would say, spend a bit more and go to Venice.


It probably also helped that the whole weekend was one big surprise and I never really got over my hubby springing it one me

Monday, November 07, 2005

I had a dream

I had a dream.

It started sometime Friday morning. It was like a scene from a movie, only all blurry like I had just woken up. Previous to this dream I was feeling a bit like the mom from Desperate Housewives, the one with the four kids, and Ritalin was starting to look really good. The only problem was that I didn't have a script for my kids.

My dream...I was lying in bed thinking about my day. In-laws were here. I had my three kids to entertain (they were still on holidays). My husband telling me that he wouldn't be around next week due to "business dinners" and not due to the fact that his parents were here. All in all, in my dream, I was tired, cranky and not looking forward to my day....This was a dream and not real life?

Back to my dream....a man was in bed with me, he looked like my husband but you can never tell with dreams, and as quick as I woke up he was gone. He bolted out of my room and ran downstairs. Now in real life this would have been a bit odd, but for a dream....well anything goes. So as I was lying in bed, this manlike husband (he really did look like hubby) came back and announced "Honey we need to talk". Even in real life this would have scared me, and in my dream like state it did. Was he having an affair? Did he buy a Porsche and spend all of our money? Was he leaving me for another woman with even more children? I really didn't know, but as the grogginess started to fade, I started a dream like way.

What this husband looking dreamman did say to me was...."How would you like to go to Venice with me for the weekend. The taxi is coming to pick us up at 10:00, you better go get ready"


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

When friends meet friends

When blogging friends meet your real-life friends...on the internet that is, it can always be a bit scary. Yesterday I invited my real-life running friends from back home to comment on my blog, just to let me know they are out there..and of course one did...YEAH!!!! But wait, in response to her comment a "virtual" blogging friend responded back....ohhh the pain.

Is it possible to have "virtual" and "real-life" friends get along in the blogging world....? Will they in turn get along for your sake...? Will they refrain from commenting on comments only to poof up their own popularity...?

Well we can only wait and find out....keep in touch:)


P.S. My in-laws arrive in only gotta go!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Running friends, where are you?

I finally sent my URL to my running friends back home...I know they received it but am wondering if they ever read my blog...perhaps this is a hint I should take..."It really is interesting, I just can't find the time to read it..:)"
Well if you are out there running friends from back home...and you are reading this...please feel free to stick in a comment to let you know what ya'll think.


Bizarre afternoon

What a bizarre Trick and Treating time we had. Yes indeed my friend had asked all of her friends and their friends to give out candy to us…those unsuspecting fools. In total we hit about 20 or so houses yesterday afternoon, we being a group of about 12-15 kiddies ranging from 1 to 10 years of age. The surrounding Germans who were heading home or doing their shopping were either amused by our little posse of ghosts and princesses or ticked that we were not crossing the street at the identified places.

Those who gave out candy didn't really know what to do. Some let the kids pick their own from a bowl which made for little hands grabbing more than their share, others dished it out themselves. What was most interesting was what they gave: we got apples, single pieces of gum from opened packs, M&M's given out by the handful (large bags opened), whole bags of cookies and what was most amusing...little packets of jam. I have to say my 18 month old loved this...she quickly learned to stick her finger into the jam, only to lick it off and return it into the little packet. All in all we had a great time and I hope we will be able to do this again next year.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween, one of my kids most favorite celebrations, and the one, that as a teacher, I dread the most. Actually not October 31st, but more like November 1st. Ask any elementary school teacher how their classroom behaves the day after the kids get to stay up late and eat lot's of junk, like perfect little...

Every Halloween, except for last, my kids get to dress up and search out candy. Usually I let them pig out for one or two days, not really setting limits on the amount they eat, and usually by day 3 or 4 the candy disappears. My kids usually don't notice and I get to reap the benefits (yes of course mommy eats the rest). A friend of mine tells her kids the story of the good witch. Every year after Halloween comes the good witch comes to your house and takes your candy to all the children who don't have any....My friend let's her kids pick out 10 pieces each...and the rest goes to the good exchange for a present each. Not a bad idea, her kids still get the chance to go out trick and treating, they still get to eat candy...10 of their favorite pieces...and then get a present.

Last year we didn't go out trick and treating...Germans don't do that, so instead we had a Halloween party, which of course included a Haunted House in the was a blast and all the kids enjoyed themselves. This year of course we did it again. In conjunction with my American neighbour, we held our party on Saturday; invited 18 children aged 3 to 9 and, well, had a blast again. Everyone enjoyed themselves: we had games and prizes, hotdogs (German style) and black cat cupcakes and a beautiful sunny day.

This year another American friend of mine has convinced all of her friends and neighbours to hand out candy so she invited me and my 3 to join her. I actually think she bribed them with kaffee and kuchen and donated the candy as well. But we shall go and my kids are thrilled.

And of course mommy is too because she will also get to eat candy as well.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sunny days are here again:)

Today I don't have much to say. Here in Germany, it is beautiful and sunny, my baby is sleeping, my children are playing quietly...and so I will go make myself an ice coffee and sit in the sun, and enjoy what is left of summer...


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The fun of the run

I talked yesterday about wanting a fourth...change of mind:)

How is it that my kids cannot get through a day, an hour or sometimes even a meal without harassing one another? From the moment they wake up to well after they are asleep (my 4 year old continues to scream at her brother and blame him for doing wrongful things in the middle of the night, long after he is asleep), they have to outdo each other, tease, harass, hurt, the list goes on.

Today I went for my usual run, but since the kids are on holidays, instead of just pushing baby in her running stroller, I had her brother and sister tag along on bikes. Sounds like fun doesn't it...pushing one child in a stroller, another on her bike all while screaming directions at the oldest...."No the other left". Well at least it is a work out. I digress, throughout this run my oldest would purposefully take the wrong route, so that his sister would follow, then he would speed up turn around and leave her stranded while we all headed the right way. This of course would cause her to scream, I am sure him to giggle, and me panting and sweating to turn around and run to her to give her a big push in the right direction.

Can't siblings get along...I don't ever remember such torment during my childhood, I am sure we all got along just fine...right bro? And even though I was the youngest...I am sure that my oldest sister never teased by brother, right sis?


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not much happening today

I have hit the wall. Not much to blog about today, not much to say. We are, and still will be for the next two weeks; on holiday and so I will be going, ever so slowly, crazy. My hubby has disappeared to Vienna for 4 days this week and some where in Great Britain or New York the following week for 3 days, AND my in-laws will show up next week for 10 days...all while my three wonderful children are at home. Perhaps crazy is to easy....

Anyway today I wasted the first half of my day going through my toy room and trying to weed out the unused toys (didn't get much) and organize the ones we have. My kids have a lot of toys, at least in my eyes. The problem is there is such diversity in my children...6 year old boy, 4 year old girl and 18 month old baby, that I have toys for all of them, none of which I can easily get rid of yet...though I will be happy to give away some of the baby toys eventually...or will I. I have a hard time getting rid of any baby stuff, you see I am not convinced I don't want a forth. I know my family thinks I am crazy, and if I really think about it, it is crazy, but a forth would not really push me over the edge...yet:)

Anyhow, since hubby isn't as convinced as I am, it is not a subject I push, so instead I put all the used baby stuff and toys in a box and put it away somewhere in the basement, in hopes I forget about it and that by the time I find it again my internal clock breaks down and just stops ticking...


Monday, October 24, 2005

Reality bites

Ahhh the first day of fall vacation. (Yes we get two weeks here in the fall.) Last night as I went to bed I had dreams of sleeping children...not rushing around the house to leave by 7:30 to get to school, no driving kids to and from various extra-curricular activities, lying in bed and snuggling with hubby late into the morning.

Reality check....Baby wakes up at 5am, by the time I can convince hubby to get a bottle and a soother it is 5:10am. I give baby her bottle and go back to bed...5:25am. 5:35am four year old daughter wakes up for the third time with nightmares so hubby goes downstairs, grabs her and lies her in bed next to me. With wiggling and squiggling, cats running all over her and me, I roll over to try and get a bit more sleep. This chaos in bed lasts until we finally wake up to start our day....way too early than imagined.

So my lazy morning in bed was not...but I thought we can still make a day out of our holiday...until I realized we had no food and I would have to do what every stay at home parent dreads...take all the kids to the grocery store. Two hours later with a major headache and way too much junk food we head home so that I can collapse. What a great way to start our holidays...anyone want to come and visit?


Friday, October 21, 2005

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Well not quite breakfast at Tiffany's but more like Maximillian's, a tiny little bistro in a neighbouring town. In rare occasion my sweet husband took the day off work (perhaps because he will gone for pretty much most of the next two weeks) and so we decided to go out for breakfast à deux, well à trois if you count the little one, and then do a bit of shopping, including picking up a swing set we had ordered a few weeks ago.

Breakfast in Germany is really that...a continental breakfast...and I assume that is because we are on the "continent". My breakfast being number II out of IV included a hard boiled egg, a slice of brie, a slice of butterkäse (mmm, buttercheese), a little pile of shaved ham, two white buns, one multigrain and a croissant, with of course a variety of jams, quark and butter all topped up with a cup of tea. It was very good, very continental, but really what is breakfast without the hash browns cooked in butter, fried eggs oozing with orange, sausages and bacon cooked in enough fat to clog arteries on sight. I mean breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out in a restaurant. I am not too tired, I am always hungry and it is never too expensive. As much as I enjoy eating here in Germany, the breakfast will never compare to what I can get at a greasy spoon back home....mmm omelet covered in cheese, veggies and more cheese (cheddar that is).

On the swing set front we bought an average size set, but with our below average size backyard it will overtake the whole thing and probably piss off our children hating neighbours at the same time…perfect, a small Mecca for all the children to enjoy, be loud and rambunctious, and act like, well kids.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

What the heck is a Meme?

What the heck is a Meme? What does it mean and how do you pronounce it? Mèmé or Me Me or Même???...I borrowed this from a friend of mine over on the Mothership even though I was not tagged…I was saving it for a rainy day and voilà…rainy day it is…so here it goes. (Really I have no clue what Meme means and how to pronounce it so if someone please enlighten me....)

5 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Visit all of the continents, I have been to three so far.
2. Run the Comrades Marathon in South Africa.
3. Run a marathon at the North Pole.
4. Complete an Ironman.
5. Own a farm with horses, dogs, cats, chickens....

5 things I can do:

1. Run a half marathon with relative ease.
2. Speak fluently in 2 languages and converse in a third.
3. Get three kids under the age of 6 up, dressed, fed and out the door for school before 7:30 am.
4. Make damn good ribs and cherry pie.
5. Make friends everywhere I go.

5 things I cannot do:

1. Handle confrontation.
2. Teach a kindergarten class.
3. Remember anything from my Shakespeare class in university.
4. Care what other people think.
5. Keep my closet organized.

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Intelligence.
2. Sense of humour.
3. Honesty and kindness.
4. Patience.
5. The ability to give a really good foot rub (hmm, hmm if hubby is reading).

5 things that I say most often:

1. I swear (picked up from my neighbour from the south).
2. Do you want to come over for coffee?
3. Stop teasing your sister/brother/baby/cat/father/mother…you get the idea.
4. Je t’aime.
5. What time are you coming home? (hubby?)

5 celebrity crushes:

1. Ben Affleck
2. Sean Connery
3. Kiefer Sutherland
4. Harrison Ford
5. Sarah Mclachlan

Since I haven’t been tagged I guess it would be inappropriate to tag someone else, so if anyone wants to go ahead and do this Meme…go right ahead.